Our Vineyards

Elk River Vineyards

Owned and operated by Ray and Renea Tucker, the Elk River Vineyard is Muscadine, Chambourcin and the farm has over 450 Acres that roll back to the Elk River. Planted in 1999 the Muscadines are mature and the Chambourcins are in their 3rd year. Farm features Belted Galloway cattle. Located approx 8 miles from Downtown Lynchburg in the Southern tip of Moore county. 

Lynchburg Vineyards & Berry Farm

Owned and operated by John Manis and his wife Cathy. The Lynchburg Vineyard and Berry farm is located off of County Line Road in Lynchburg. 13 Acre farm with over 600 Chambourcin vines and 800 Blackberry vines.  Planted in 2016, this is the youngest vineyard in Moore County and located only 3 miles from the Winery.

Paradise Vineyards

Owned and operated by Kerry Syler. This vineyard features over 6 acres of mature Muscadines. Southland, Cowart, Noble, Ison, Black Beauty and several white varieties as well.  Located approx. 4 miles from the Downtown Square up on the Lois ridge.