Our Wine Selection
Our passion pours through our wines!
  1. Chardonnay
    Lime, ginger, lemon grass, white florals, and grapefruit with hints of wet white rock on the nose. Dense, and textural in the mouth, with lime, grapefruit, nectarine, almond and honey characters. $14.95
  2. SOLD OUT!!! Raspy Dragon
    SOLD OUT!!! Raspy Dragon
    WE WILL BE MAKING MORE DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND! Sweet Raspberry and DragonFruit White Syrah wine $15.95
  3. Pinot Grigio (American)
    Pinot Grigio (American)
    Our grapes are from Washington State making this Pinot a delicate version of Grigio that pairs well with Fish and Poultry. Not too grassy or straw flavored. $14.95
  4. Serendipity
    Our Signature Wine! A very fragrant sweet white Muscadine (Carlos and Magnolia) wine with a slight bubble. Serve Chilled. $15.95
  5. Cabernet Sauvignon
    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Aromas of plums and currants with hints of oak make this a superb wine for dining or entertaining. $15.95
  6. The ""12" Twelve
    The ""12" Twelve
    Nice Sweet Red wine made with Concord Grapes. 12% Alcohol $13.95
  7. Merlot
    A bouquet of black cherry, currants and hints of herbs. Smooth and clean to the taste. $15.95
  8. Chambourcin
    French American Hybrid which is locally grown - A smooth red wine with complex flavors that pairs well with dark chocolate and peppery steaks. Beautiful deep red garnet in color. $15.95
  9. Merlot Reserve 2007
    Merlot Reserve 2007
    Aged in oak barrel for 8 YEARS! This wine was made by legendary Tom Brown and is almost gone. There will never be another wine like this. $34.95
  10. Moscato
    Slight sparkle to this Muscato as in the Italian Di Asti style. Orange, Canelli and Muscat of Alexandria make this amazing wine sing in your mouth! $14.95
  11. Crescendo!
    Symphony grape with aromas of peach and apricot. A light fizz makes this a great summertime wine! $14.95
  12. Strawberry "Zen"
    Strawberry "Zen"
    Strawberries inflused into White Zinfandel. $14.95
  13. "Lynchburg Black"
    "Lynchburg Black"
    This is a unique and flavorful blend of sweet succulent blackberries in a traditional Merlot wine. Sweet with a little tart finish. $16.95
  14. "Just Peachy"
    "Just Peachy"
    "Just Peachy" This is a pleasant blend of crisp juicy peaches and sweet southern Muscadine wine! A great summertime wine! $16.95